About OFE


Finally…real educational programming for that hard to reach 8 – 14 year old audience.   Our Fascinating Earth is credible science, reported by Phillip Seff, PhD, a government geologist and professor of Geology at the University of Redlands, CA and his wife Nancy Seff, MeD. a career educator.   But Our Fascinating Earth is also real entertainment, with the stories told in fun, sometimes silly, always enthusiastic ways with contemporary music and young people acting as hosts and narrators.   The science is true and incredibly watchable.   The responses range from “Hmmm, I never heard of that” to “OH WOW, that’s so cool.”

OFE originates in the series of books and newspaper articles that were voted one of its “Ten best for families” by the New York Public Library and are sold in the Smithsonian Institution’s Bookstore.   With over 9,000 stories to choose from so far, there will be no shortage of material for years to come.

A kind of “Ripley’s Believe it or Not”® of natural science, OFE will take us through all the various disciplines of earth sciences, from meteorology to anthropology, paleontology to geology.  We’ll spend our time in the field, not the lab.  We’ll examine amazing discoveries and solve mysteries.
We’ll have contests to engage the audience and prizes like trips and books.  We’ll have an interactive website and, eventually, games, DVDs and home video.
With parents and educators screaming for programming with some real substance and value, Our Fascinating Earth fits the bill and provides a credible, scientific series for students in grades 5 – 9 and their families.